Private Events at Lefty's

*This is not a full rental agreement. The purpose of this form is to outline our basic rules, and to answer many questions people tend to have when requesting to rent Lefty’s space. In the event that you chose to rent our facilities a full rental agreement will be sent to you.*




We reserve the right to refuse service at any point during the booking process. If you have any issues with our venue policies, or how we run our business then you are free to express your feelings, just know we value our team as well as our customers and we will not tolerate bullying of any kind. This includes demanding lower prices, arguing over closing times, and ect. 




A booking fee of 50% of the total value of the event package is required to confirm rental of Lefty’s loft or building. The booking fee serves as a hold for the contracted date and is deducted from the final invoice. A damage/cleaning deposit of $200 is required 30 days prior to the event, with $150 being refundable, for damage occurring to the facility or if additional cleanup is required as a result of the event.



Full payment is required 30 days prior to the event. Payment via cash or check is preferred. Processing fee of 3.5% for payment by credit or debit card. A $35 charge will be assessed on all returned checks.



In the event of a cancellation, fees paid-to-date are non-refundable. Renter shall not assign or transfer this agreement or sublet any portion thereof without the written consent of the owner. The renter herein is an independent contractor and not the agent or employee of the owner. Should the original contract date be cancelled and rescheduled for a new date, a fee of 15% of the event price will be accessed. This only applies if the cancellation occurs less than 3 months prior to the contracted date. Should the original contracted date be rescheduled for a new date, a new contract will be required.



The client assumes full responsibility for any damage to the facilities and grounds including any caused by vendor contracted by the client to be on the premises. The client forfeits their $200 deposit if any damage occurs to the facilities. If the damages exceed $200 the client will be billed for the additional amount.



Alcohol service is limited to and will not exceed 4 hours. Alcoholic beverages will stop being sold 30 minutes prior to event ending. Non-alcoholic beverages and food must be served while alcohol is being consumed or served. We will require information on catering services being used or pizza order prior to the event.  No underage drinking is allowed. This includes the bride and groom. Guests are not allowed to bring alcohol onto the premises. Lefty’s reserves the right to terminate alcohol service should problems be observed.



Caterers of the client’s choice are permitted. A meeting between the caterer and Lefty’s must be arranged if the caterer has not previously provided services here. Caterers are responsible for the removal of all their items, garbage and equipment by the close of the event. Caterers are prohibited from dumping ice, food, grease, or any other substance on the facility grounds.



Disc jockey’s (DJ) and small music groups of the client’s choice are permitted. A meeting between the client’s DJ/entertainer and Lefty’s must be arranged if they have not previously provided service here. The client assumes full responsibility for the contracted entertainers. Lefty’s  reserves the right to control the noise level of any music. Lefty’s  is not responsible for any items or equipment set up in advance of the event or left unattended. Care must be taken to not damage or scar floors. All equipment must be removed from the premises at the end of the event.



No staples are to be driven into any of the building's walls or floors. The use of confetti and jewels is discouraged. If used please be diligent in gathering them. Candles or open flames are not permitted. All decorations, flowers, etc. must be removed by the close of the event. Facility access for set up and decorating is allowed only during the rented time frame. Lefty's is not responsible for items delivered to the facility.



The Client shall monitor and be responsible for the behavior of all guests in attendance, including children. Lefty’s shall not be held liable for accidents or injuries that should occur to any person attending the event. Lefty’s shall not be held responsible for any injuries suffered due to the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Lefty’s is not responsible for damage to or theft from vehicles while parked on the premises.



Children of all ages must be supervised and cannot be left unattended. Anyone under the age of 21 must be off the premises by no later than 8pm unless “renter” has arranged with the “owner” prior to the event to extend this time. There is an additional fee to extend this time.



Animals will not be permitted on the premises, however, service animals on a case by case basis may be allowed and must be authorized prior to the event. Client must provide adequate containment devices for any animal brought to the event.





Bare feet are not allowed on the premises. Shoes are to be worn at all times. Fireworks of any kind are not permitted. Rice, birdseed, confetti, glitter, silk flower petals or similar items may not be scattered or thrown. All items, décor, personal belongings, food, and beverages brought onto the premises must be removed at the close of the event; except those items rented from a rental company that will be picked up the next day. Smoking is not allowed on the premises. Any and all excess garbage including bottles, and food waste, the client or caterer must remove by the close of the event. The client is responsible for any rental items for your event beside what Lefty’s  provides. This includes delivery, setup, take down, and return. Photos taken prior to or during the event may be used for display or publicity purposes for Lefty’s events. Client may request, in writing, the photos of their event not be used. Parking will be allowed in designated areas only. Lefty’s staff may, upon request, allow access for loading and unloading, and will be allowed only with the direction and supervision of a Lefty’s staff member.